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Tanya Complete Hookah KIT 2

Tanya Complete Hookah KIT 2

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Hookah Parts:

(1) Glass Vase, (1) Shaft w/ Down-stem,
(1) rubber Hose, (Color Corresponding selected Hookah Color)
(1) Bowl
(1) metal Ashtray,
(1) Pair of tongs, All Rubber Seals Included
(2) 2 Hose Hookah Pipe
(1) Hardside Carrying Case with silver handle (Color Corresponding selected Hookah Color)
(1) A Small Box of Prepoked Hookah Foil
(2) Natural Quick Lighting Hookah Charcoal 2 Rolls
(2) Two of Tanyas Best Selling Hookah Flavors 50G Each
(1) A Handful of Individually Wrapped Premium Hookah Mouth Tips

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